Hello, I’m Prakhar Varshney
A Web Developer passionate about publishing new and useful products, enhancing the internet experience for the users.
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I started my web development journey in November, 2020. Since then I have learnt new technologies and acquired Skills like Javascript, ReactJS, MongoDB, Express, Node, GraphQL, Hasura, PostgreSQL, NextJS, Typescript and Jest.

I learnt web development at Neog Camp, A Cohort Based Course run by Tanay Pratap, where I was assigned the role of Teacher’s Assisstant. My role was to lead a team of 19 people, where I organized meetings, had discussion, solved doubts and took part in peer reviews as a team activity.

I love to create new website designs on Figma, keeping in mind the UI and UX Guidelines.

I believe in showing a proof of my work, rather than listing my skills on a shiny piece of paper. Some of my works are shown below.
Project 1 - Social Media Application
Mockup of Social Media
Project 2 - Video Library
Mockup of Video Library
Project 3 - Ecommerce Store
Mockup of Ecommerce Store
18 Jun 2021
10 things-to-do, before you publish your CRA on the web
In this article, I have listed the top 10 things, that a Web Developer must keep in mind, before publishing their React App.
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01 Jan 2021
Definitive Guide for Creating Carousel in React.
In this article, we will focus on creating Carousels in our website, add Active Classes to them using React Hooks. overall increasing our Website's UX Design!
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17 Dec 2020
Dealing with functions in Javascript
After JavaScript variables, the next amazing thing is JavaScript Functions. This articles focuses on understanding the different type of JavaScript Functions& the different Notations used.
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9 Dec 2020
Getting Started with Speech Recognition in JS
A walkthrough process for setting up Speech Recognition using Web Speech API in JavaScript. Integrate it with your Web Applications for an Amazing Hands-Free Experience!
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